Ashley A. Friend as Choreographer/Dancer/Composer: Artist Statement

I build individual physical and mental complexities that result in a transcendent visual, audio, and kinesthetic experience.  My practice includes the performance experience as part of on ongoing process.  My temporal performance and choreography is an enduring artistic research containing an evolutionary spirit and identity.

I am driven and inspired by the study of movement, sound, and the rebellious freedom of dance. 

I surrender to the experience of movement as it eclipses my critical thought and I trust the external results of my interior instincts paired with my expertise.  Eventually discerning the movement and remaining confident in the process; I choreograph and stage the outcome.

Much of my work has involved props and how the addition of materials or prosthetic impediments augments the original choreography produces unexpected awkwardly compelling movements.  I learned how to transform movement in various environments, with various obstacles.  This work led me to develop a 9-month study of the “American Outdoors”.  I traveled throughout the USA and worked on a piece for nearly a year.  I wanted to see how the outdoor environments, terrain and landscapes, would affect my movement. The work on the land was inspired by my work with props.  This full-study resulted in three abstract autobiographical works, Honey Flat, Tehachapi, and ID.  This experience of travel and artistic study continues to weave its way through my process and work.